LLumar automotive films offer a complete range of products to address various performance needs, and different price points. Choose the product category that is best suited to you:

Within the GOOD category, the choice is between the Jet Black series, and AT-Charcoal. These non-reflective premium dyed films are effective at reducing glare, and they are available in different densities.

Under the BETTER category, we offer ATR-Charcoal, ATR-Stealth, and ATR-Bronze. These films offer better solar heat rejection properties, as they have a metallic layer which is masked by a dyed film layer. With these films, you can select a lighter film and still benefit from glare reduction and a cooler interior. There is a myth that darker films are better performers, but this is not true if you consider a High Performance type film.

For the BEST category, we offer Platinum Plus which is an all metal film that is guaranteed to never fade or change colour. These films offer the best solar heat rejection.

All LLumar automotive films use premium dyed polyester, for maximum colour stability and product longevity. It is a known fact that any dyed film will ultimately fade over time, but if you use AT-Charcoal , ATR-Charcoal, or Platinum Plus, it is guaranteed never to change colour. All LLumar automotive films reject a minimum of 99% of the incoming ultraviolet light and LLumar has the best UV screener package in the industry, providing superior product longevity.

Some competitors offer UV screeners in the mounting adhesive only and, with such a construction, there is the very real possibility of UV degradation and premature product failure. LLumar also offers the most durable Scratch Resistant Coating in the industry. With LLumar's proprietary HPR adhesive system, there is no bubbling or distortion.

VISTA Window Films absorb 99.9% of UV "A" & UV "B" radiation, from 320nm to 380nm, when installed on your glass. For people who are concerned about the effects of UV Rays on their family's skin, VISTA films can be of great benefit.The UVShield™ technology is a part of All VISTA films and is recommended as a device for UV protection of the skin by The Skin Cancer Foundation, The Melanoma Foundation, The Billy Foundation & The XP Society. Further, our manufacturer suppliers, CP Films, and 3M Window Film are two of ONLY three US Companies recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation.