There are many uses for LLUMAR and VISTA window film around the office. LLUMAR and VISTA window film will reduce incoming heat and glare, providing a pleasant work environment for employees or tenants. In fact, LLUMAR and VISTA window film can reduce so much heat in the summer (and retain heat in the winter) that the film will end up "paying" for itself with impressive payback periods that typically average 5 years!!

Sick of seeing some blinds open, while others remain closed? Looking to make a change to the appearance of your building? LLUMAR or VISTA window film is the answer for you. Improve the appearance, and increase the value, of your building with the addition of LLUMAR or VISTA window film. Select a reflective film to give your building a uniform look all day long. Or, select a lighter film for your showroom windows that will block heat and UV rays, two of the major factors contributing to fading, while letting customers easily see your merchandise.

Install LLUMAR or VISTA window film to easily:
-Reduce computer screen GLARE
-Block out up to 99.9% of UV light

LLUMAR and VISTA window films are made by CPFilms Inc., the world's largest manufacturer of window film products. CPFilms is the only manufacturer to complete the entire manufacturing process in house. This gives the building owner, maintenance manager or general contractor the piece of mind of knowing that we have seen the film from start to finish, thereby ensuring optimum design and quality. No other film can say that! CPFilms is also ISO 9001 certified.

VISTA Window Films absorb 99.9% of UV "A" & UV "B" radiation, from 320nm to 380nm, when installed on your glass. For people who are concerned about the effects of UV Rays on their family's skin, VISTA films can be of great benefit.The UVShield™ technology is a part of All VISTA films and is recommended as a device for UV protection of the skin by The Skin Cancer Foundation, The Melanoma Foundation, The Billy Foundation & The XP Society. Further, our manufacturer suppliers, CP Films, and 3M Window Film are two of ONLY three US Companies recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation.