Window film is a microthin polyester based product that is installed on the interior of any window in your home. Install LLUMAR or VISTA window film in your home today to reduce incoming solar heat gain, reduce fading of furniture, carpets, and paintings, reduce glare on TV screens and computer monitors, or give you and your family privacy from those nosey neighbors. Being installed on windows since the early 1970's, LLUMAR and VISTA window films have been the solution to many of these problems for thousands of people all over the world.

Windows are the real enemy of home or building comfort and energy efficiency. They can account for 70% of your air conditioner's cooling load and up to 40% of your heating load.

"Will I still be able to see out of my windows?", is the most commonly asked question from home owners considering the installation of window film. The answer is simple...YES. In fact, by reducing the amount of glare from the sun, the installation of LLUMAR or VISTA window film will enhance your view to the outside world.

VISTA Window Films absorb 99.9% of UV "A" & UV "B" radiation, from 320nm to 380nm, when installed on your glass. For people who are concerned about the effects of UV Rays on their family's skin, VISTA films can be of great benefit.The UVShield™ technology is a part of All VISTA films and is recommended as a device for UV protection of the skin by The Skin Cancer Foundation, The Melanoma Foundation, The Billy Foundation & The XP Society. Further, our manufacturer suppliers, CP Films, and 3M Window Film are two of ONLY three US Companies recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation.